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Did you know that we are the best stain removal company in Chevy Chase? We are able to deal with almost any stain you have and when we simply cannot we can sure minimize it. We've got many stain removers, but much of the time our primary cleaning solution works very well, we don't have to make use of anything else. We use a bubbly solution to clean your carpets and upholstery. We do not want to ruin your carpet and we do our best to be delicate with each and every cleaning that we undertake.

stain on carpetGetting Rid of Stains in Chevy Chase MD

You spilled your drink everywhere! So what should you do when you or your guests spill on your beige carpet? The optimum time to care for any spot or stain in your carpet would be right when the stain happens. When the stain has happened and you're in full panic over getting it out, try to remember these techniques. First of all, relax, you can also make the stain worse by trying to get it out. Second, get a light coloured rag, we would choose white, and blot up any extra liquid or spots that you can. After that, call Clawson Chem-Dry to coordinate an appointment. Chem-Dry offers stain removal services in Chevy Chase to help restore your carpet or furniture. Getting Rid of Stains in Chevy Chase MD is sometimes a daunting task, call Clawson Chem-Dry and don't worry about it!

Stain Removal in Chevy Chase

Chem-Dry’s high quality services ensure the care you would provide your own carpets. Not only are we the most effective in the business, but our stain removal Chevy Chase services are excellent! Don’t postpone that stain or spot in your carpet - contact us right now to remove it much better than anyone else. Now is a good time to eliminate those unpleasant stains, so keep in mind us as your best, most affordable option for Chevy Chase stain removal services. Call us today to hear more about our specials and promotions. Set up a scheduled appointment right now to experience our quality services in your home. Call Chem-Dry at for all your stain removal needs.

If you are looking for the best stain removal in Chevy Chase, look no further! Call today at (410) 514-6023!

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