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Using our Power of Carbonation technique, we get your carpets cleaner with healthier resources, at only a fraction of the cost in Millersville MD. Who can argue with that? With our carpet cleaning approach, your carpets take less time to dry. Our dry times are usually within a couple of hours instead of a couple of days. We also don't use soaps to clean your carpets in Millersville MD. Soaps leave behind a slimy film on your carpets and that, in the long run, attracts more dirt and grime. Our cleaning method of carbonation and hot water allows you to clean your carpets less often! We treat your carpet like our own, meaning we want it to last you for many more years. Other carpet cleaners in Millersville MD, just don't take the time and effort like we do here at Clawson Chem-Dry.

Our carbonated cleaning solutions are not harsh on your carpets, so you get a deeper and healthier clean. Our proprietary carbonated cleaning solution provides your carpets with a real treat. Millions of tiny, effervescent cleansing bubbles penetrated down in your carpet’s fibers, giving them a deep clean! The process mimics using club soda to remove the stain on a shirt, so you know it works!Free Estimate

Looking for cleaning services in Millersville MD? Trust our master technicians and our Power of Carbonation methods from Clawson Chem-Dry! Cleaner carpets are just a click away!


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